What is a Home Inspection and Why Should You Get One?


            Has the thought ever crossed your mind as to why we pay for a home inspection? Some people may see it as a waste of money but TRUST ME it is worth every penny. A typical home inspection usually cost homebuyers a few hundred dollars. Would you buy a used car without taking it to a mechanic first? The answer for most people would be no! Buying a home is one of the most expensive purchases one will make in their life so why take the risk of not knowing what your getting yourself into.


A home inspection is simply the process of having a licensed inspector check all aspects of your home to see if any repairs should be made. Once the inspector has thoroughly checked out your home you will receive a report on recommendation of what should be fixed.  The report will include items such as Health and Life Safety, Significant Home Repairs and Recommended Repair Items. Sometimes it may be a simple fix such as changing out the smoke detectors or replacing the outlets with ones that are up to code. In other cases the repairs could be major such as a new roof or cracks in the foundation.  This job should be left to the professionals; most real estate transactions require a home inspection these days.


By declining a home inspection you are buying a home blindly.  Unforeseen repairs could cost you tens of thousands of dollars, not exactly the type of surprise you want to receive.  By investing a few hundred dollars into an inspection you can rest your head at night in the comfort of your new home knowing you made the right choice.  Keep in mind no home is perfect and it is common to have multiple repairs. A home warranty is completely separate from a home inspection, the inspection is a good indicator of current issues but unfortunately there is no way to predict future maintenance. If you need recommendations for a trusty home inspector here in town or better yet are in the market to buy/sell a home you should reach out to us.