April 17, 2016

Why A Fourplex Could Be Your Best Investment

Why A Fourplex Could Be Your Best Investment

Investment anchorage real estate fourplex investing



            In this day and age, there is always speculation what is the best investment. On one side of the coin, wall street is telling us that diversification of our portfolio over many blue chip stocks is our best bet ...

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Aug. 11, 2015

Top Ten Real Estate Mistakes


We all make mistakes - we are only human! However, don’t make the same mistakes that others have made before you. Learning from your mistakes is a valuable process that separates the successful from the unsuccessful. Wisdom, though, can be found instantaneously from taking the thoughtful words of those that ...

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July 2, 2015

Using Your VA Loan

The VA Loan


         We hear the term “Triple Zero Down” quite a bit in reference to a VA loan. Regular citizens wish in envy of entering a house with no money out of pocket. Is this VA loan everything it’s made out to be? Today, we’ll take a ...

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Feb. 19, 2015

Introduction To Investing 101 – Multi-Family Buy and Hold

If I have a first time home-buyer that mentions the word, “investment,” I immediately want to have the conversation of going multi-family. Multi-family is a term us in the biz use to describe a residential property with multiple dwelling units.

Sure, you can rent out a single-family home on ...

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