Tips for Selling your Home in Anchorage, Alaska


As a seller (some one who is selling their home), you're typically looking for just a few items to completely satisfy you.


  1. Top Dollar for your home
  2. House doesn't sit on the market for elongated periods of time
  3. Good real estate experience

While all of those topics can be talked about at length, let's look at getting top dollar for your home in Anchorage.


It Shows Well

We live in Alaska, and there are a few things to help you show it well in the winter / early spring.

  1. Make the home warm and inviting - Nothing is worse then stepping into a cold house from a cold winter day!
  2. No clutter - All the things you have on your kitchen counter may be necessary, but they don't help sell that house!
  3. No personal affects - The pictures of all your kids and the oil-painting self portrait might add some personal flair, but it won't help prospective buyers to imagine themselves in your home.
  4. Professional Pictures - If a picture says a thousand words, then a professional photo with good lighting says a million. iPhone photos won't help you like a well staged, well lit professional set of pohotgraphs.
  5. Online Presence - In line with quality photos, make sure you give your apartment, condo, or home the text-justice it deserves. Give a great, brief description of why this is the home for them!


  1. Clean driveways and walk ways - Make sure these are free of snow and ice. We don't want eager buyers to slip and fall before they even enter the home of their dreams!
  2. Tidy Exterior - Make sure the walk way is shoveled, and the ice melt is laid! Don't dissuade buyers with the unruly thought of shoveling or de-icing their driveways and walkways.

Be Prompt!

In the age of google, buyers are looking for now. How soon you respond to messages could be a deciding factor on the offers you get. Whether it's a sign call, e-mail, text or telegraph, you or your representation should ALWAYS be responding within five minutes of any inquiry. If you are not, you are missing out on HUGE opportunities to sell your home. You would be surprised how often a client tells me they chose me to help them buy or sell because I was the only one that responded on a Saturday.


There you go! There are some easy tips for you to help sell your home in Anchorage, Alaska during the winter / spring months.


James Cash

Properties of Alaska

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