Ok, so usually I just write about Anchorage Real Estate topics, but today I thought this topic was fitting. I have a lot of conversations with people, clients, friends and family. At times, I find it frustrating to enter into a conversation with some one who only wants to listen, or argue. These are my top 10 tips on how to have a great conversation! 

1. Don't multitaskMultitasking creates unnecessary distractions that make having a conversation awkward, and disconnected.

2. Don't pontificate"Everyone you'll ever meet knows something you don't."

3. Ask open-ended questionsStarting your questions with “why, what, how, when” rather than “yes” or “no” questions leads the conversations to areas it might not otherwise lead.

4. Go with the flowIf thoughts come into your mind, ask them. The fluidity of breath that this gives a conversation makes it just that - conversing.

5. If you don't know, say that you don't know.  Don’t pretend just for the sake of being agreeable or looking ignorant.

6. Don't equate your experience with theirs.  "If you're having trouble at work, or lost a loved one, don't bring up your experience. Empathize. It's not about you."

7. Try not to repeat yourself. "It's boring and condescending.” If you have a valid point, bringing it up once is enough!

8. Stay out of the weeds. "Names, dates and details are unimportant. They care about you, not the deets."

9. Listen - the most important skill.  Buddha said, “If your mouth is open, you're not learning."

·       “Most people do not listen with the intent to understand; they listen with the intent to reply.” – Steven Covey

10. Be brief.  "A good conversation is like a miniskirt, short enough to retain interest, but long enough to cover the subject.”  If there are quotes, just extrapolate on them. If it’s a bullet point, try to write it out.