Anchorage Alaska Market Inventory Report

Below is a brief summary of what the real estate market is doing in Anchorage, Alaska. Please note this is for single family homes and does not include condos, townhouses, or apartments (for that info please feel free to reach out to us).


Most analysts will say that a healthy market has about six months of real estate inventory. As you can see, in the hottest housing markets ($300,000 to about $500,000) we only have an average of a little less than two months! What does that mean? For sellers looking to sell right now, expect your house to sit on the market for less than two months.


It is worth noting that as we extend into the summer months, inventory will rise and these numbers will be momentarily skewed (unless you look at a year average).

We can also say that if your house is around the $200,000 price range, expect a quick sale as your average days on market appears to be the lowest in the market currently.

Lastly, I would also like to say if your house is sitting on the market for much longer than expected as predicted by the indicated numbers, you are most likely overpriced!

Remember, when selling a home it boils down to a few key factors: price, market and advertising - probably in that order.




James Cash

Properties of Alaska