James Cash


Real Estate Brokers of Alaska

1577 C. Street Suite #101

My name is James Cash. I love Real Estate, and I love investing! 

I believe that Real Estate is perhaps one of the best markets to invest your money into. Why? It is an imperfect market. Let me explain 

I heard a quote that always stuck with me, "Real Estate is not houses and buildings. Real Estate is about those people who have those houses and those buildings." You see, people hold Real Estate, and they can let it go. Many things can influence their motives, their price, their terms and conditions. A person needs to shift their money for a big project - they need to sell quick and maybe reduce their price. Some one is about to get foreclosed on (unfortunately), they may need to get out NOW and for a low low price. If you want to invest in Google on the other hand, you're paying what the market tells you to pay. You want a fixer upper, multi-family or commercial building? The deals are out there!

If you have any investing questions about Anchorage or Alaska, please do not hesitate to let me know.



-James Cash

Owner / CEO of HERO Realty Group